The international banking sector is, like hardly any industry sector before, exposed to huge change processes. Driven by regulatory requirements as well as a highly competitive environment, the major banks see themselves facing deep structural changes. Management as well as employees are equally challenged when searching for future-proof business models. 4P has supported banks worldwide for more than 15 years in dealing with upcoming tasks, no matter whether in Germany, Italy, Mongolia or Iraq.

We have known the Hanseatic Bank for many years. Back then, when they still belonged to the Otto-group, we developed special customer and sales activation concepts (e.g. for the elderly) together with them. In the meantime, the Hanseatic Bank belongs to Société Générale and we are still working together - only the topics have changed along with the ownership. Now it’s a case of asserting themselves within a large group. This required a clear strategic positioning - and most importantly the ability to communicate it clearly.

Together with the management in Hamburg we not only prepared the new strategy for the Hanseatic Bank during several workshops, but on top of that a convincing positioning for the company within the framework of the global reorientation of the group. During this, not only was a concrete SWOT profile carried out for the areas of Factoring, Consumer Finance, IT-infrastructure, Risk Management and Organisation, but also an innovative potential model for the further development of modern financing offerings - processes for internet trading. True to our motto “advise and move”, we stuck around after the pure thinking and conceptual work. No - of course we also supported Hanseatic Bank and their board with communicating and presenting the new strategy within the group. Innovative Payment & Finance over the Internet à la France – with Swabian innovative spirit and Hamburg thoroughness - a first-class trinity!

The branch is dead! - That’s what many so-called “sector experts” were promoting several years ago. At that time it was really provocative, when at a large international congress we maintained: No, the branch is not dead. Most customers want a branch - if we continue to treat them so shabbily though, they will become ever more unattractive, until they eventually die. Our solution? New concepts for branches, to activate them.

The people responsible at Credit Suisse agreed gave us their agreement in this point - and their trust. And that’s why we started the project Branch Excellence together. With a small team of experts, and working directly for the board, we developed three prototypes for the future Credit Suisse branch. In an internal competition these three branches competed as early as 2005 with eachother as well as traditional branches across Switzerland. And the winner was: Bülach. What made this branch a winner and example for today’s CS branches in Europe?

Of course it was the creative outfit of the new branch - more open, transparent, symbolic of the values of modernity, transparency and competence. But more than anything, it was the processing in the bank, with the increase in customer focus with the same profitability - from the reception desk through the customer management system, the theme-attractors and the workflows. Employees, who were the daily contacts for customers, were involved from the beginning. We developed Levels of Quality, which were to be reached by the branch and its team. No senseless goals and campaign madness, instead Swiss Banking Quality oriented to life’s’ individualities. A complete success and Bülach as an emblem for the many branch employees at CS - the branch is alive!