4P advises leading insurance companies in the sectors of composite, life and health insurance. We have many years of expertise, built up particularly in direct sales channels, the bank sales route and broker sales route. We develop growth-oriented business models, no matter whether for the off the shelf or custom solutions in the insurance sector. We are into implementation which conforms to strategy. We are currently realising powerful digitalisation strategies with leading insurance companies in Europe.

Success story Raiffeisenversicherung Vienna

Raffeisenversicherung in Vienna believes in holistic advice - however as basic requirement of the customer from every bank and insurer - but not as a USP, but as special competitive edge for distinctive positioning with the customer in competition with others (who promise the same, based on experience)

“Let’s talk about life” - and not just about finances and products. Developed with us, this is still the slogan today as well as the guiding principle for the Raffeisenversicherung - and that is the USP for this market leader - the extremely high customer connection of their employees. Many have worked over generations in the Raffeisen group Austria. It’s not only a case of discussing money with people, but instead about customers’ lives in the first instance. Our idea reached the management and the innumerable sales people equally. As a Raffeisen employee they just know about their customers, who is planning something private, who had a bad accident, or who wants to become self-employed soon. The problem at the beginning of our cooperation: There was a lot of discussion with the customer, but relatively little buying going on. Here, the moment concept and our magic moments were the perfect connecting piece between the high identification and customer orientation of the employees and the advisory discussions including product sales. Via the Raffeisenversicherung Vienna, we have now introduced the concept until today in many states of Austria with exceptional success: For example, this is how a sales volume increase of more than 50% was achieved in Steiermark - and for a project started in the middle of the financial crisis!

Highly loyal employees in particular will only advise and sell to “their” customers something they are convinced about - we want to strengthen these strengths! Let’s talk about life - a success story!