Secure investments in uncertain times

„Finally a book with perspective, written in understandable language. It doesn’t get any better.“ Arno Marx, Board ADG

In its updated and extended 5th edition, the oft praised finance expert Bernd Nolte and the long-experienced private customer advisor Antje Nolte create a positive balance: The Rusksack strategy has proven itself even in times of bank, economic and state crisis. Their concept has now been presented and recommended by countless banks, investment advisors, financial conduct authorities and TV-channels globally. Many thousands of readers, seminar attendees and viewers know why they trust this principle in the meantime: They have used this strategy themselves with great success.

The authors give many useful and valuable tips, how to navigate the current jungle of finance and retirement products. With many practical examples, checklists and easily understood explanations they show very concrete possibilities for private individuals and independent persons can secure their income and pension for the future.

  •  For and against Riester and Rürup - who uses these contracts, and who pays more

  • New products and savings concepts in the light of the banking and financial crisis

  • Numerous checklists and forms for the personal finance rucksack

  • Concrete tips for shares, funds, ETFs, certificates, property and gold

Concrete marketing

“The first book that doesn’t just theorise or philosophise about customer orientation, sales motivation and business positioning.” Hermann Möller, former board chairman Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg

We are on the road to a new economy. Customer relationships, employment relationships or partnerships are extended, broken up and entered anew. The “Consumer Me” doesn’t have a rigid matrix for the way to live life, and instead decided based on the “Pippi Longstocking principle” Make my world how I like it. The time of mass production which created a culture of things which didn’t quite fit, you didn’t quite like, and didn’t quite provide the right service has passed. Start and finishing point of new marketing is no longer the product, but instead the customer focussing. Concrete marketing helps you to renew your business step-by-step with its structured approach and its marketing toolbox.

Concrete mediation

“All in all diverting reading matter, which brings the central aspects to the point without digressing, and invites you to become involved further with the topic of mediation.” DGM Newsletter

Restructuring, management and personnel decisions, outsourcing projects, business acquisitions and mergers are the breeding ground for hidden and open conflicts. If conflicts escalate, reaching the goal can be endangered, the business relation tarnished, and the motivation often destroyed. At the end, expensive processes and a high waste of energy and time remain. Handling conflict situations should definitely be a job for management. Bernd Nolte explains in his current book what mediation is. HE shows step-by-step how it’s done properly: from clarifying points of view, working through and evaluating options to targeting an agreement. In addition, he deals with how different personality types handle conflict and how to prevent failure. The book is a toolbox for handling conflict situations in business life, with many checklists, aids to analysis and guidelines.

Geno Graph „Make membership an experience – by helping to create new account models“

Account models are the anchor product in private and corporate relationship banking. Like any other product these should be adapted regularly to current market conditions. Yet hardly any banks dare to make price adjustments. How to succeed in shaping up-to-date and customer oriented account models and position these in terms of the bank, this is what the Volksbank Bruchsal-Bretten showed with success at the end of last year.