“To all appearances Bernd Nolte is no geek, no arrogant know-it-all, much more a man with infectious elan, an incredibly positive aura and with all professionalism a buddy-type who doesn’t just convince people, but much more importantly wins them over.”

A short and appropriate description from a laudatory speech on the occasion of receiving one of his many awards, which hits the nail on the head: After his learning years at the Landesgirokasse in the mid-eighties, which take him from scholarship student to doctor of economic sciences, he entered bank consulting in 1995 - fresh from winning the VMI-Jahreswissenschaftspreis der Metaller - and takes his career in few years through two professional levels from consultant to the board of directors. 2001 - in the middle of the new-economy crisis - together with Dirk Hörner he founds 4P with an initial team of ten employees in Stuttgart. With the clear motivation to become a businessman himself, shape his future according to his own responsibility, and be known for first-class banking and an impressive consulting team. He wants to do it better than others. And he succeeds from the start.

What marks him out: He leaves no newspaper unread, and studies everything that comes through his hands. Always curious, always interested, very inspirable and enterprising.

What makes him different: A good eye for innovations and strategies, which prove themselves in competition. There must be something in it, since his ideas and suggestions for better banking have not only won many customers and markets (which is why they like to bring him to the table), but also central banks and banking authorities (who appreciate his many-layered and profound knowledge very much). And a vivid and understandable language, with which he impresses like no other. Bernd Nolte has been learning and researching for nearly 20 years at the Steinbeis University Berlin and at SMT Stuttgart Institute of Management & Technology as Professor in “Economics“, „Strategic and Innovative Management“ and „Business Culture“. In addition, he teaches strategic management and in various leadership seminars at many banking academies, in Germany at the Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften or the S-Managementinstitut, as well as board trainees and active boards, but also in the supervisory and administrative boards. Also in central Asia, in the Middle East and in China he is one of the most requested consultants and teachers in banking & finance. In addition since more than fifteen years, he has been bringing up to date information on business and finance to mayors and district administrators at the school of administration of the Land Baden-Württemberg.

He is well known to a wide professional audience as a pointed bank expert, speaker and dialogue partner for financial development and management topics. His concrete book series handled by English publisher Wiley or “Safe investments in uncertain times” (already in the 6th Edition in FinanzbuchVerlag) has become a highly-prized bestseller. His columns, contributions and interviews make it into the Börsen-Zeitung, the Handelsblatt, der Wirtschaftswoche, the Financial Times or in Les Echos, but also in the daily papers.

Highly concentrated and focussed on the person opposite him, forward-looking and suspecting the next steps, now every movement has to stop - all senses are focussed to their utmost.....

Dirk Hörners passion for Asian martial arts reflects what excels for him: He is someone who goes into depth, illuminating the details, questioning and analysing. Someone, who never gives up and puts one hundred percent commitment into things.

He’s a banker who learned it from scratch. After his education and further development until he attended the management academy of the Geno-group, he completed several complementary studies and an international masters successfully. After several years of banking practice he moved into the consulting sector.

From the international major bank down to the Raffeisenbank - from senior consultant and project manager to leader of the competence centre “Banking advisory” of an international consulting firm - on his road to success he left nothing out, extended and deepened his knowledge and experience - up to today in two hundred projects.

Dirk Hörner is the backbone of 4P, with the reins in his hand He has a good and safe hand for finances, a good sense for the possible and doable in banking. Already after few years of “Swabian commerce” 4P was given a top-rating by its own bank, which has been confirmed every year since up to today. Blame is a foreign word at 4P. An attitude which benefits the projects, customers and employees.

“He knows every project down to the last angle and keeps an overview, no matter how comprehensive the projects may be”, his customers say about him. For him, a project is only successful if his customers are happy too.

Today Dirk Hörner looks back on many longstanding and intensive customer relationships. His customers are “repeat offenders” He looks after his contacts of many years, since he doesn’t just manage his projects, but also personally supports reaching the overall goals. The great trust which his customers afford him is the biggest recognition in his work - driving him again and again to new best performances. It’s hardly surprising that with his extensive experience, his detailed knowledge and his distinctive bass, he is a frequently requested speaker at many management academies.

“Mukin Shori - the road to success has no shortcuts” - this wisdom from the major karate instructor Tanaka Masahiko is his personal motto. Whether as a business leader, project manager, senior consultant.

His focus is on clear structures and strategies Gabor Verheyen takes 4P customers forwards with his systematic and military precision style of working.

This approach and a healthy portion of pragmatism is appreciated by his customers as well as his employees. And he always finds the right tone: An decisive capability because this is really what drives things!

The major challenge in a project is in its successful completion, which is where the art comes in the “world of milestones”. Implementing high goals or new process models for customers in hard-fought markets, consistently and in the time given. This is exactly a quality which quickly creates competitive advantages and performance in a world characterised by uncertainty and volatility.

You can tell that banking is in his blood. No matter whether new impetus for digitalisation or modern strategies in pricing - he screens processes, structures complex circumstances in an understandable way, and puts innovative and implementable concepts on the table. For national as well as international customers.

He expanded an already large network of contacts during his activities for various consulting firms and renowned (major) banks. Longstanding learning contracts with the S-Managementakademie and the Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften deepen his access to subject matter and extend his diverse competences..

With all this, one thing never goes short - his family. Even when his schedule is incredibly busy, he manages to find time for both his sons and his wife. It is exactly this mix which makes him stand out: pleasant family man and competent partner for all requirements in modern banking.