Since over 15 years we work with banks and financial service providers each day to maximise their success.

Swabian precision combined with farsightedness and regional down-to-earthness – that's 4P.


There are large consulting companies, which will handle concerns according to the books

And there is us. We are different. Our principle: We put ourselves in your situation and turn your problems into those of our own.


Perfection is the enemy of good.

And that is why we contineausly go to extreme for every project and customer.

As a student at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), there are many different areas to be involved with at 4P. The consultants always need to be able to rely on us - no matter whether it’s in the preparation of a workshop, or the analysis of an employee survey. It’s not a case of sitting there and waiting to be told what to do. In amongst it from the first day - that’s what 4P guaranteed me at the interview.

Anna M.

DHBW student

Our next presentations and seminars

ADG (GBF): Strategic Management with Dirk Hörner

  • 05.04.2016 - 07.04.2016
  • Montabaur

Keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Bernd Nolte at the RinderAllianz-Managementseminar

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